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Poor Richard's Energy Almanac

How do you do? My name is Ben...Benjamin Franklin.

I lived back in the 1700s and helped write America's Declaration of Independence.

You may have heard that I "discovered" electricity by flying a kite during a rainstorm. Well, that isn't really true...a great deal was already known about electricity before I came along. But my experiments taught the world some new things about how electricity works.

It's partly because of me that you have electric lights, TVs, washing machines, computers and thousands of other things that make your life more comfortable and interesting.
But all those things use energy.

Back when I was living, around 250 years ago, we burned coal, oil and wood for our energy. Today, you have safer, cleaner and easier energy sources -- but many won't last forever.

The most important thing you can discover about electricity and other kinds of energy is how to conserve save them.

That's why my friends at the California Energy Commission and I have put together this special issue of my famous publicationPoor Richard's Almanac - - to let you know some important facts about energy conservation.

We call it Poor Richard's Energy Almanac.

By the way...if you want to leave my Energy Almanac at any time, simply use your computer's mouse and point to EQ symbol then click the mouse button to return to the Energy Quest homepage.

If you would like to learn more about me, Benjamin Franklin, click your mouse on my name and the Internet can take you to my home town of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the Franklin Institute.

What do you say? Shall we begin? Great!

We've have eight projects to learn about energy. There is a game or two and some other energy fun. Click on any of my pictures and learn more in my Poor Richard's Energy Almanac.

Poor Richard's Energy Almanac

smaller picture of Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin, Energy Saver?
I wrote many things that rhymed a bit.
Some of them might have been about energy. See if they fit.

My Home and Your Home -- Energy in 1740 and Today
Our homes back then were cold and dark.
Compared to homes in 1740, your world seems like a park.

Energy Sources -- Then and Now
Back 250 years ago energy sources were only a few.
Find out how the number of energy sources grew.

My Energy-Saving Invention
This is a game you can play.
Connect the dots and see the "hottest" invention of its day.

My Invention Is the Hint for a Word Game
A game based on my energy-saving device.
Solving the puzzle is really very nice.

Same Thoughts, Different Words
Another game on what words mean.
Figure it out and be on the team.

Craft Project: Make Energy-Saving Labels
In my time I was known as a writer and a printer.
You too can print up a way to save energy, summer and winter.

Declaration of (Energy) Independence
A poster you can print out to hang on your wall.
At home or in school be reminded about saving energy and it all.

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Page updated: April 22, 2002
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