Meet the Sun

Use a sun puppet or sun mask (see below) for all of the following dialogue. Props -- one celery stick, tree branch, toy dinosaur, toy car.

"Hello boys and girls. I'm the Sun. I don't want to brag, but I am a very important source of energy."

(Hold up celery)
"Plants don't eat like people do. Instead, they use sunlight for energy to grow and stay alive. If there were no plants, what would animals and people eat? You people certainly need me!"

(Hold up tree branch)
"As a tree grows it stores the sun's energy in its wood. When the wood is burned, it releases the sun's energy as heat and light."

(Hold up dinosaur)
"Long ago, when the dinosaurs were still alive, plants and animals used the sun's energy. When they died, the sun's energy was stored in them. Today some of these old dead plants and animals with the stored sun's energy have changed into coal, oil and natural gas."

(Hold up toy car)
"When we use gasoline in a car we are using very old sun's energy to make the car go!"

"By myself, I can keep you warm and give you light. I can be used to heat your home and heat your water. You must agree that I'm really quite wonderful!"

Make a Sun Mask

Glue two pieces of orange construction paper together. (This provides flexibility and strength.)

Cut out a sun with a center hole just big enough to fit around your face.

This mask should stay around your face without holding it.

Make a Sun Puppet

Cut two identical sun shapes out of yellow construction paper.

Glue the two suns together leaving an unglued sleeve at the bottom that is large enough to insert half the length of a chopstick.

Color a sun face on one or both exposed sides. Store this puppet in a file folder and just insert a chopstick (pencil, ruler, etc.) when ready to use.

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