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John Frederic Daniell

Daniell was a British chemist and meteorologist. Born in London on March 12, 1790, Daniell got a degree from Oxford University. He became the first professor of chemistry at King's College in London in 1831 and taught there until 1845. He invented the Daniell Cell in 1836, which was a big improvement in the battery. His battery was the first reliable and lasting source of direct-current electricity. Because Daniell's battery was so reliable, it was used exclusively in the late 1830's to power British and American telegraph systems.

Among Daniell's other inventions was a new type of dew-point hygrometer to measure humidity and a pyrometer to measure the heat in a furnace. His other scientific work included using physical laws to explain the atmosphere, suggesting improvements in meteorological instruments and researching the effects of solar radiation.

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